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Founder, celebrity facialist, laser expert and skin whisperer Debbie Thomas + the team’s mission with every client is to make them feel more confident by helping you fall in love with their skin. Working with their incredible passion for skin and, rather than isolating problem areas or taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we put your entire skin health and skin focus first to give you your best skin today, tomorrow and every day. When you work with us, your skin becomes our obsession in the very best way. With over 20 years of experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry, Debbie has developed the famous D.Thomas Clinic approach from the fusion of results-driven skin treatments provided in traditional aesthetic clinics, a touch of luxury experienced in hedonistic spas and the accumulation of skincare experience. The result? A truly pioneering approach to modern skincare.

With a menu focusing heavily on individually-tailored treatments to embody our philosophy that each skin should be treated as uniquely as the person it protects. The D.Thomas Clinic takes a non-conformist approach to skin treatment procedures, reinventing a wholly modern approach focusing 100% on the individual’s skin needs to sustain powerful results and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Debbie Thomas and her team of experts offer bespoke facial treatments and other targeted skin treatments for specific skin conditions. D.Thomas specialist skin clinic always offers the latest in skin care technology making it a multi award-winning London beauty clinic.


It has taken over 17 years to perfect the methods for our signature DNA treatments, they not only support and maintain optimum skin health for long-lasting rejuvenation but simultaneously target, treat and prevent a huge variety of skin concerns and imperfections. Your bespoke skin journey starts with an in-depth consultation, your skin concerns, lifestyle and health are assessed and a treatment plan is drawn up for your unique skin needs + skin focus, it has to suit not only your skin goals but fit easily into your lifestyle, then you let us work our magic. As your skin changes so will your treatments, we constantly assess and adjust your treatments to make sure your skin gets everything it needs and more.

Our signature DNA treatments are booked by time and intensity level. The more time booked the bigger the area we can treat and the intensity level is dependent on our overall goals and your skin’s starting point. Our most popular treatments are the original three-graded DNA treatments, the DNA Essential Skin Grade 1 Treatment, DNA Laser Complete Grade 2 and DNA Laser Resurfacing Grade 3, which are totally bespoke and only bookable after a full skin consultation. We also offer treatments for teenagers – DNA Teen Clean; one for eyes – DNA Eye Rejuvenation. To discover which DNA treatment is best suited to you, book a consultation.

DNA Essential Skin Grade 1
DNA Laser Complete Grade 2
DNA Ultimate Laser Grade 3