Our mission with every client that walks through our doors is to make them leave feeling more confident. We utilise our incredible passion for skin and, rather than isolating problem areas or taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we put your entire skin health first to give you your best skin yet.

The D.Thomas Clinic was born from the fusion of results-driven skin treatments provided in traditional aesthetics practices with a touch of the luxury client experience received in hedonistic spas. Launching with a menu of individually-tailored, bespoke treatments to embody our philosophy that each skin should be treated individually for its unique and distinct differences. The D.Thomas Clinic takes our non-conformist ideals of skin treatment procedures to coincide with cutting-edge technologies, products, and techniques, reinventing a wholly modern approach to the individual’s skin needs to sustain powerful results and provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Founded in 2009 by advanced skincare and laser specialist, Debbie Thomas with more than 20 years experience in the beauty and aesthetics industry, The D.Thomas Clinic has redefined luxury for the aesthetics industry with our team of experienced and highly trained therapists who are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail in delivering Debbie Thomas’ methods.

The D.Thomas Clinic signifies the new, innovative and progressive approach that should be taken within the beauty and aesthetics industry, “we could see people were having to compromise between good service and results, and this made no sense to us,” and thus, The D.Thomas Clinic revels in this notion. It is this harmonious duet of its founder’s philosophy and the passion and dedication towards helping clients fall back in love with their skin, that has seen The D.Thomas Clinic become a favourite among beauty editors and A-listers alike and earned it a number of accolades and awards as not only one of the best in London, but one of the best in the UK.



During your consultation, we develop a programme that is unique to you and exercise Debbie’s core philosophy through treatments that utilise the most efficacious and scientifically-researched products and technologies available and combine them with cutting-edge techniques. This unparalleled synergy allows us to provide treatments that are as unique to the individual as their skin is to them and entirely revolutionises our results.

Rather than booking in for a particular treatment, you book in for a certain amount of time with us and, in that time, we will use whichever techniques we need to in order to address your particular concerns. We have a selection of treatments that adhere to our exclusive ‘DNA method’. Most prominently our powerhouse three-tier DNA treatments for the face, which include the DNA Essential Skin Grade 1 Treatment, DNA Laser Complete Grade 2 and DNA Laser Resurfacing Grade 3. We also offer a treatment specifically designed for teenagers – DNA Teen Clean; one for eyes – DNA Eye Rejuvenation – one for the body – DNA Body Contour, – DNA NanoPore Blur. Whilst there is no formal structure to our DNA treatments, as they are defined by each individual’s skin rather than a set procedure, our three signature DNA treatments have some distinctions between one another based on what your main skin concerns may be. To discover which DNA treatment is best suited to you, book a consultation.

DNA Essential Skin Grade 1
DNA Laser Complete Grade 2
DNA Ultimate Laser Grade 3

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Debbie Thomas and her team of experts offer bespoke facial treatments and other targeted skin treatments for specific skin conditions. D.Thomas specialist skin clinic always offers the latest in skin care technology making it a multi award-winning London beauty clinic.