5 Top Tips to Healthy Looking Skin

There’s a plethora of quick fixes, wonder products and miraculous remedies out there all promising to pave the way to perfect skin, but do they really work? Top London skin and beauty specialist Debbie Thomas explains that her skin treatment procedures are revolutionary because they are based on science and technology. This London specialist skin clinic has a friendly but professional atmosphere and offers a warm welcome to their clients. Everyone is seen very much as an individual and receives a tailor-made skincare programme to specifically work towards optimum results depending on their skin type. This isn’t just limited to in-house skincare procedures but also in the products they offer for home care that are designed to create a skincare programme for beneficial results. The clinicians are used to seeing a diverse range of skincare and body concerns from the odd pimple, stubborn cellulite, sun-induced premature ageing and acne to name but a few.

Here are five recommendations that Debbie Thomas and her team suggest, to keep your skin in great condition….

  • Eat well – with clean plant-based eating being easier than ever, it’s good to remember that we are what we eat. Providing your body with super foods packed with nutrients and vitamins can only be good news for our skin. For inspiration download the Forks over Knife’s app or head to the website www.forksoverknives.com
  • Homework –Always take off your makeup at night and cleanse before applying your night products we love active ingredients so look out for Retinols like PCA skins intensive age refining treatment and AHA’s like Neostratas dermal replenishment to give your skin a super overnight boost. Remember, skin changes as we get older so the tube of cream we religiously bought in our 20s might not be the best product for us now.
  • Sun protection –Even in the coldest months the sun can play havoc with our skin and don’t get us started on the blue light from screens. Use a face cream that has a good sun protection factor and anti-oxidants to make sure you have year round protection. We love the heliocare range but the hands down favourites with our clients are PCA skins daily protectors especially their weightless protection SPF 45.
  • Sleep – make sure you get plenty of shut-eye. This is the best way to reduce dark circles under your eyes and give you a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. Sleep is when your skin and body regenerates if you don’t give it enough time to do its job the skin becomes stressed and tired just like you.
  • Treat yourself – a little bit of luxury now and again can make a world of difference to how you look and feel. Why not try one of the many skincare treatments on offer at either the D.Thomas clinic or for a more express approach try D.Thomas Illuminate (www.dthomasilluminate.com) at Harvey Nichols. Even a one off skin treatment can give your skin a boost and after grilling your therapist you will leave with a wealth of tailored to you skin advice.

Having good skin isn’t rocket science, but it can feel challenging at times. By following our guide to healthy looking skin, you’ll be on your way to seeing great results. Because the D.Thomas clinic is known for being one of London’s top specialist skin clinic’s, it’s the first stop for many when it comes to taking your skincare seriously whether advanced facials or Lasers. With cutting edge procedures and quality skincare products, you’ll be sure that you’ll leave their London clinic with your skin looking its best.

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