What we can learn form the new breed of red carpet treatments

When it comes to beauty the glittering Oscars, Bafta’s and Brits have one thing common – the sought-after “red carpet glow”. Although popping in to have their favourite last-minute skin boosting treatment is part of the pre-event preparation, in reality, many stars would have been prepping their skin weeks, if not months, before the big night. So how do they get that sparkling, seemingly effortless “Hollywood glow”. A-listers tend to be genetically blessed but, even for them, looking that good is anything but effortless. They will most likely be having regular treatments to maintain their skin and address any concerns and will inevitably squeeze in a couple of extra sessions before a red carpet event to make sure they look their absolute best.

Traditional facials are less common now and many stars are turning to a new breed of more advanced skin treatments such as lasers, peels and light therapy, delivered in a more gentle and controlled way. This promotes strong healthy skin, rather than blasting the skin with powerful energy that could cause side effects. Healthy skin works better, it regenerates and heals more effectively and has that glow we all love. Of course, you need to do your research and opt for the right treatment for your skin. There are many different lasers, peels, machines and products that up the facial ante. For anyone who has problematic skin or who wants gold standard treatments, the D.Thomas Clinic takes the confusion out of which laser you may need, by creating bespoke treatments, which are tailored specifically for you, following a thorough consultation. For those who only have minor skin concerns or want to maintain their skin, our sister brand, D.Thomas Illuminate, offers skin illuminating treatments in boosting 20-minute sessions. Both the D.Thomas Clinic and D.Thomas Illuminate use the best products and combine scientifically proven skin methods to treat and maintain your skin and give you that healthy Hollywood glow.

If you are not quite ready to dive into full scientific skincare, then there are some quick fixes you can try at home to give your skin a fresher look. Here are the D.Thomas Clinic team’s five top tips for achieving perfect looking skin.

  • Keep it clean – Cleansing your face with a targeted facial wash is key to maintaining a healthy looking complexion. We love cleansers with added fruit acids, like glycolic acid, which brighten the complexion and reduce blockages. NeoStrata Skin Active Foaming Wash is our favourite.
  • Eat well – There’s no getting away from the fact that what we put in our bodies has a direct effect on our appearance. It’s easy to be tempted by that packet of biscuits as we sit down to watch our favourite soap, but why not try snacking on berries or homemade kale crisps? They have fewer calories and are packed with essential vitamins.
  • Have a drink – This doesn’t mean cracking open a bottle of prosecco. Water is nature’s best tonic and brings your skin to life with immediate results. Just drinking an extra glass of water before every meal can improve the appearance of your skin. Drinking water before you eat can also help fill you up, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Add some freshly squeezed lemon to your water to make it more detoxifying, leading to a clearer complexion.
  • Know yourself – We all have different skin types and how our dermatology reacts to the environment, products and diet are idiosyncratic. It’s not as simple as working out whether you have oily, dry or combination skin. At the D.Thomas Clinic, for example, we offer the leading bespoke skin treatments in London and can advise on the best home care routine, integrated with your skin type and lifestyle, to help you achieve a healthy glow.
  • Move with the times – It’s easy to apply make-up in the same way as you’ve always done. It’s a tried and tested look, isn’t it? While this may have looked great 10 years ago, your skin and face shape changes with age. You’ll notice that Hollywood stars on the red carpet rarely have the same look year on year. So, have fun and experiment. A makeover can take years off you.

As the barrage of glamorous red carpet shots reminds us of the importance of a bit of sparkle and glow, remember that it’s all about the base. If your skin isn’t looking its best, you won’t feel like a million dollars. So why not treat yourself and book a facial treatment– after all, it’s what the celebs do.

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