Why a close shave can leave you with hair raising results

Spring is on its way and while this doesn’t call for the annual unveiling of our legs just yet, it’s not far off. Having been comfortably hidden away under a forgiving multitude of layers, it’s time to peel off those tights and think about making sure our legs are ready for summer.

There are so many ways to remove unwanted hair, but it can be tricky to find the best solution. Shaving is quick and easy but often leaves unsightly nicks, and stubble is only ever a day or so away. Creams and waxing are an option too, but these sometimes cause skin irritations and can be difficult to use. We’ve all had that moment where we realise, just as we’re heading out of the door for a night on the tiles, that we missed a patch.

A good skin clinic will offer the very best in innovative technology when it comes to hair removal, and the clinicians at the London based D.Thomas clinic are no exception. By using state of the art laser hair removal technology, it’s easy to achieve glowing, smooth skin with long lasting effects. By getting rid of unwanted hair using laser treatment, you can benefit from excellent results, pain free. The hair on our skin can be resistant to other forms of treatment, but the laser allows accurate targeting of each and every hair follicle, leaving an unblemished, smooth area. It’s because of this technology that the end result is so impressive.

However, before you book an appointment for laser treatment it’s important that your skin is in good condition. Any reputable laser clinic will advise on some straightforward pre-treatment tips, prior to embarking on the laser process. This includes making sure that you are not sunburnt or have recently exposed yourself to a tanning session. This is because the laser treatment works by targeting the pigment on each hair follicle. This pigment needs to be undamaged and in a good, natural condition for the treatment to reach its potential.

Although it can take a few treatments for the process to be completed, the wait is worth it. And if you start now, you can get those hot dog legs ready for when summer arrives.

So don’t wait for the sun to get his hat on, start prepping and make sure those pins are in tip top condition. Book an appointment today at a leading skin care clinic and enjoy all the benefits a laser treatment programme can offer. You’ll be beach ready in no time!

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