Dermaceutic Mela Peel

About this treatment

Dermaceutic Mela Peel is one of Debbie’s non-laser treatments of choice for combating pigmentation. It can be used to target melasma, pigmentation spots and post-inflammatory pigmentation. Mela Peel is a medium depth peel, which means it is stronger than a light or superficial peel but does not have the downtime associated with deeper peels. The peel contains mandelic acid, idebenone, emblica, retinol and salicylic acid. Prior to treatment it is recommended that you use Dermaceutic Light Ceutic, a home care product that will help prepare your skin for the peel, reduce irrational and improve results. The Mela Peel Cream is applied in clinic and then rinsed off at home after a maximum of eight hours.

Frequently asked questions

Will the Skin Treatment work for me?
To provide a fair and thorough assessment of your skin we recommend coming in for a consultation with Debbie or one of our aesthetic therapists. During your consultation we will take a full medical and lifestyle history, so that we can best advise you on the right treatment. This is a non-invasive, yet advanced skin treatment, which will be individually tailored to your skin. With the help of advanced equipment, the best skincare products and years of combined experience we are able to see excellent results as well as monitor the improvement of our clients' complexion after each treatment. However you must be realistic with you expectations as such ongoing skin concerns like acne or rosacea can be greatly improved and controlled, but not cured and the signs of ageing can be reduced but not totally eradicated. We regularly see a 40-80% improvement in our clients' skin complexion, which is achieved over several sessions and maintained with follow-up maintenance treatments. If you have mild/moderate skin concerns or simply wish to maintain your skin and prevent the early signs of ageing, then this is the perfect treatment for you. During your pre-event facial one of our therapists will design a bespoke treatment for your skin to achieve the radiant glow without any visible redness. However, ideally you need to consider at least two treatments: first should be 2-3 weeks before the event to ensure that your skin responds well to the treatment and the second one 8-48 hours before the "big event".
How many Treatments will I need?
This will depend on your skin's condition and an ideal outcome. Typically, for corrective treatments to get skin to optimum condition we do a course of 4-6 treatments at 2-3 week intervals (we offer packages buy 5 get 6th free). For general skin maintenance, preventative and ongoing skincare one treatment every 4-8 weeks is normal. For a special occasion we recommend 2 sessions for best results 2-3 weeks apart, where the second treatment should be 8-48 hours before event. If you are unable to have 2 treatments, and then have one 24-48 hours before event, but note this will be a milder treatment to avoid the likelihood of redness. If you have a deadline/ limited time to have treatments, we do take this into consideration and will work out an intensive package for you.
What can go wrong?
As we use advanced techniques and active products to get results, it is not unheard of for the skin to be slightly pink or even red for up to 48 hours after treatment, however this is not a common side effect, most of our clients leave looking a bit rosy and this subsides within 12 hours. For Acne or congested skin we do carry out a deep cleanse with extractions, our method is very refined to ensure minimal skin stress, but it is possible for the skin to be blotchy for up to 48 hours after. On a very rare occasion a client may have a stronger/allergic reaction to the treatment and may result in a rash (which could last several days) or leave temporarily marks on the skin (which will then take several weeks to clear). To ensure we provide you with the safest treatment we do require from you to keep us fully-informed of any changes in your medical conditions, sun exposure and medication. We treat many very sensitive and reactive skins, including those with eczema, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation and severe acne, so we know best how to get great results without aggravating these conditions.
How do I prepare for the Treatment?
If this is your first treatment, try and have it when you have at least 48 hours to let your skin settle as there is a chance your skin may be pink/red. Avoid using any retinol-based products for 72 hours prior to the treatment. Avoid sun exposure for 72 hours prior to and after the treatment. For a pre-event facial, we treat the skin very differently, focusing on the instant boost rather than specific long-term problem solving, avoiding the likelihood of redness. Prior to your appointment prepare a list of products you are currently using as well as those that you may have tired in the past that worked well or, on the other hand, caused a bad reaction on your skin. We need to know your medical history, including a list of any medications or non-medicated supplements you are currently taking and general lifestyle details. All of this information will help us to choose the right treatment for you and avoid any potential side-effects on your skin.
Who is not suitable for Treatment?
If you suffer from any medical condition, we always need to double-check that treatment is right for you. If you have a contagious skin infection we would need to wait for it to go before starting a treatment on your skin as we cannot treat directly over open wounds. We can do a soothing treatment if you have mild/moderate (not severe) sunburn to help your skin heal. If you have severe sunburn, we need to wait until the blistering and peeling have subsided. Once the treatment is performed, it will help to strengthen and repair the damaged skin. Some severe skin conditions may prevent us from carrying out the treatment on specific areas. If you are under a medical supervision for an immune disorder, we would need to check with your doctor which treatments are suitable for you and which are not. If you are undergoing active cancer treatment we would be limited in our treatment options depending on the type of cancer as well as the treatment type.
Can I have the Treatment when I am pregnant?
Yes we can treat clients during pregnancy, but we cannot use all products and treatments during this time. We only use proven safe options during pregnancy. If you have skin issues during your pregnancy, it is due to the huge hormonal changes within, which unfortunately, we cannot change. However, we can work with your skin to make it look and feel healthier, so that it is in a better shape for when you receive corrective advanced treatments post-pregnancy.
Can I have this Treatment before my Wedding / Big Event?
Yes, but depending on your skin condition it may take several treatments to get your skin into its optimum condition. I normally advise to start treatments 3-6 months before the set date and have the final treatment 2-5 days before the "big day". If you simply require a skin boost, then to achieve the best results you will ideally have your first treatment 3 weeks before the date and then a second treatment 1-5days before the "big day". I recommend a minimum of 2 treatments just to ensure that in a very rare, but possible case of a strong reaction (which can take several days to calm down) your skin will have enough time to heal. It is not any different from the pre-wedding hair and make-up trial runs.


25 MinutesSingle treatment