DNA NanoPore Blur

About this treatment

The DNA NanoPore Blur embodies Mediderma’s new nano technology peels, combined with the latest micro-puncture technology, using the brand new gentler NanoPore Stylus2 combined with targeted topical mesotherapy solutions (featuring peptides, growth factors and antioxidants). These work together to significantly improve skin tone and texture, with minimal recovery time. Unlike standard micro-needling, the DNA NanoPore Blur uses much shorter needles at 0.25-0.5mm, creating significantly more of the shallower micro-channels in the skin, rather than fewer deep ones (no more Kardashian style bleeding faces), making a much more comfortable treatment. The NanoPore Stylus2 has a speed of 150 pulses per second and uses 10 needles in a liner setting. This creates a more comprehensive treatment, triggering the repair process of the skin more effectively with the sheer volume of mini micro punctures and resulting in collagen production. These thousands of micro channels also allow the active mesotherapy products to penetrate into the skin effectively.

The NanoPore Stylus2 generates the highest and most effective collagen production in the skin, due to the sheer number of micro-channels it creates. Unique to the NanoPore Stylus2, it can even treat the eyelids and lips for optimal smoothing and plumping, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion. It also targets areas that are difficult to treat such as enlarged pores and fine lines, particularly around the mouth area. As the NanoPore Stylus2 stimulates the skin at such a rate, it pushes the opening of the pores to become smaller and reduces the appearance of fine lines whilst also improving blood circulation, meaning brighter and healthier skin from the inside and out.


45 MinutesSingle treatmentPackage of 6