DNA Ultimate Laser Grade 3

Our Ultimate Laser Resurfacing treatment is the next level in skin rejuvenation and retexturising. It combines many of the elements of our popular Laser Complete treatment allowing us to customise the treatment to suit your skin’s overall needs but in addition, includes an ablative resurfacing laser upgrade. As well as boosting overall skin texture and helping to even out and brighten skin tone, this treatment is more targeted towards improving fine lines, reducing pores, softening wrinkles and reducing scarring. If you have more advanced photo-ageing, including loss of elasticity or you feel that the texture of your skin is uneven with larger pores and/or acne scarring, then this advanced skin treatment is the best option for you.

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What can you expect from this treatment?

Our Ultimate Laser resurfacing treatment includes a selection of handpicked tried-and-tested lasers and additional skin boosting treatments expertly combined with ‘peeling’ ablative lasers to tackle specific concerns and boost overall skin health. The main focus with this treatment is selectively resurfacing the skin using one of several ‘peeling’ laser technologies we have available.  We have many other lasers that target pigmentation and red veins while others stimulate deeper circulation and cellular renewal making them perfect for strengthening and age management. Additional skin boosters include microdermabrasion, product infusion and led light therapy. With this treatment, you see the best results after several treatments,longer-term rejuvenation benefits often take months to manifest fully due to the regenerating cycle of the skin.

A peeling (AKA ablative or resurfacing) laser comes in several forms from very mild to very aggressive, some are better at achieving a tightening effect while others promote plumping and smoothing, all will leave the skin with some degree of redness, possible swelling and then visible peeling for several days. It is important to fully understand that advanced skin treatments are active and stimulating so temporary reactions and recovery time are to be expected, to get the most out of your treatment and manage the recovery time effectively, you will be given pre and post care advice. This is fully explained to you during our required consultation and the clinic is available to answer all questions during the entire process.

Due to the nature of lasers, to ensure the safest, most effective setting to treat your skin, we also carry out an essential patch test on a small area at least 48 hours prior to any laser treatment.

This treatment is often alternated with the Laser Complete or done as a booster once or twice a year for age-management, for more targeted photo-ageing correction or for scarring, a series of treatments will be needed to achieve your optimum result.


75 MinutesSingle treatmentPackage of 6
Laser Skin Therapist£195£975
Laser Skin Therapist£650£3250