Why everyone’s talking about the new body sculpting programme

Body sculpting is a great way to put the finishing touches on a happy, healthy body. With the festive period behind us it’s good to get focused on muscle tone and body shape. The more we work on sculpting our physiques the better defined our bodies are, and this is good news for our wellbeing. But sometimes core-conditioning focused classes are not enough to get the results that we really want. Dumbbells and weights can only do so much to improve the way we look, but at the D.Thomas clinic there are treatments available to offer that all important helping hand.

With the most advanced technology in skincare programmes, the clinic offers a superb experience with the very best in beauty treatments. And while everyone knows that exercise and a balanced diet are key factors in looking good, to get premium results it can also be helpful to integrate your physical work-out schedule with state of the art treatments. That’s why everyone is heading towards a combination approach. Exercise, diet and treatments – it’s simply the new body sculpting journey.

With a foundation as skincare and advanced treatment expert’s, Debbie Thomas and her team have created a three step treatment programme specifically tailored to assist those stubborn areas that just don’t seem to shift, no matter how much you visit the gym. There’s nothing more soul destroying than pumping iron and working those weights, to find stubborn pockets of cellulite or fatty areas that just won’t disappear.

The D.Thomas clinic has a holistic and bespoke approach to all of its treatments and body sculpting is no exception. With their signature three step programme, the clinic offers a solution to hep tackle those tricky areas. The specially devised body sculpt programme begins with an ultrasound therapy procedure. By using a Med Contour device the skin is manipulated by a process called ‘cavitation’, which simply means cajoling the cells to release stored fat, which then flows back into the lymphatic system. This is a natural process and is non-invasive – the treatment just gives Mother Nature a boost. The second stage involves a deep massage to increase circulation and encourage the lymphatic system to syphon off that fat that we’ve spent so long trying to shift in the gym. The final part of the treatment includes an application of body control products, to help keep those smooth, toned limbs in tip top condition.

So, while the body contour treatment isn’t a weight loss programme in itself, it can work to reduce stubborn fat, improve circulation, diminish cellulite and give you that all important boost to your self-esteem. Go on, you deserve to look good.

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