Freckles are a type of harmless skin pigmentation that are inherited/genetic rather than a sign of sun damage. Millions of people around the world have freckles and they are often regarded as 'a mark of beauty', however, people with freckles can be more susceptible to other forms of skin pigmentation when exposed to the sun. Their medical name is "ephelides."
Most other types of skin pigmentation are caused by sun damage, however freckles are an inherited characteristic. Like other types of pigmentation they can be affected by the sun, so their appearance will be more apparent and they will become darker after UVA/UVB exposure.
Freckles can appear anywhere on the face and body. Their prevalence can increase with exposure to the sun.
Anyone can get freckles, no matter what their genetic background, however they are most common on people with fair skin and particularly those with red hair. Because they are an inherited characteristic freckles are usually present from a young age, although they are rare on babies and toddlers.