Pityrosporum Folliculitis

Pityrosporum folliculitis is a "rash-like" condition that affects the hair follicle and is caused by a type of yeast. It is often mistaken for acne as it causes spots or pimples to form around the hair follicle. Pityrosporum folliculitis can also be very itchy. It is also known as malassezia folliculitis.
Pityrosporum folliculitis is caused when there is an overgrowth of pityrosporum (a type of yeast found on the skin). This can be due to environmental factors, such as heat and humidity or to excess oil production in the skin; the application of oily products to the skin; the contraceptive pill; excessive sweating and stress.
You can get pityrosporum folliculitis anywhere there is a hair follicle although it tends to be found more on the upper body and face.
Pityrosporum folliculitis tends to affect young adults – both male and female. Diabetics are also more at risk.