Are you prepared to fake it in the sunshine?

Everyone feels better when we’ve had a bit of sunshine, but as we all know this isn’t good news for our skin. While a few rays can top up our Vitamin D levels to give our bones and muscles a boost, too much sun isn’t good for us. A glowing tan looks great, but at what price? That golden just stepped off a yacht in San Tropez tan often only lasts a few weeks, but the damage lasts a lifetime. Age spots, for example, are brought on by the sun and although they generally appear in older skin, the more unprotected sun exposure, the earlier discolouration appears. Because the skin on our face in particular is so delicate, over time these areas can develop concentrated patches of melanin altering the pigmentation (and appearance) of our skin. Our laughter lines can also be a tell-tale sign of having not looked after our skin as well as we should as the suns UV rays damage our elastic collagen fibres. By protecting ourselves from harmful rays, we can reduce the likelihood of lines and age spots without missing out on the summer fun.

A healthy summer skincare regime is as important as buying this season’s latest swimwear, which is why these five top tips should keep you beach ready without compromising on your skin care.

  • Get protected – use a good quality broad spectrum SPF (sun protection factor that protects from uva and uvb rays) daily. For the face always use a face specific formula as this will contain ingredients suited to this delicate area. For great protection and elegant formulations that won’t leave you feeling greasy or pasty white, we recommend;

– PCA skins weightless protection for the lightest formula, great for men as it mattifies the skin excellent for those prone to breakouts or anyone who prefers their sun protection to feel not there. This doubles up as a light moisturiser so no need to double up.

– Heliocare Gel Cream Colour Brown SPF 50 is a light weight tinted SPF that gives you a glow and a little coverage to even out your skin tone. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go barefaced on the beach. Also comes in a lighter shade and without colour.

-NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 30 is a daily all in one anti-ageing moisturiser with SPF, this active formula helps even out pigmentation and provides the skin with strengthening and repairing ingredients. Suitable for daily use by anyone consciences of slowing down skin ageing.

  • Put your goggles on. The trendy oversized sunglasses that everyone’s wearing these days not only look stylish, but are great for pro­tecting your eyes and the delicate skin around them. Most will but double check that they do have UV filters built in to ensure you get the right protection.
  • The sun has got his hat on and so should you. A wide brimmed hat not only looks fabulous, it’s a wonderfully elegant mobile sun shade too. All of the chic with none of the wrinkles!
  • Eat well. Don’t forget that what we put inside ourselves can help protect the outside too. By eating a diet that’s rich in fruit and veg will provide us with vital antioxidant compounds which can reduce the damaging effects of sunshine.
  • Fake it. If your skin is a lighter tone or you just don’t want to take the risk, why not apply some fake tan for that sun kissed look? It’s by far the safest way to look happy and healthy in the summer months.

So whether you’re heading for Marbella, Weston Super Mare or taking a stroll down to the local park, remember to look after your skin at all times and enjoy the summer sun safely.

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