Skin Tags, Warts & Milia Removal

About this treatment

Throughout life, small lumps and growths (lesions) can appear on your skin. Most are completely harmless but you may consider them unsightly. Most can be quickly and simply removed in a minute using the 'Er:Yag' Laser'. It takes a few days for the area to heal afterwards but then all you'll see is clear, mark free skin or at worst, just a tiny white mark where the offending lesion used to be.

Some of the things we can treat
  • Seborrhoic Warts (Raised, various coloured rough lesions).
  • Senile Lentigenes (Flat coloured sun/age spots).
  • Chloasma (Also known as Melasma, hormone induced Pigmentation).
  • Milia/Milk Spots (Hard, tiny white lumps containing keratin).
  • Plane Warts (Raised rough lesions).
  • Actinic Keratosis (Slightly raised rough patch of sun damaged skin).
  • Fibroepithelial Papillomata (Skin tags of various colours).
  • Cherry Anginoma (Red freckles).
  • Spider Nevi (Small clusters of broken capillaries).
  • Verrucas.
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia (flesh or white coloured enlarged sebaceous gland often mistaken for Milia).

Frequently asked questions

Is the Treatment suitable for me?
We can remove a wide variety of skin lumps and bumps. If you suffer from any of the following you may be suitable for treatment:
• Seborrhoic warts (raised, various coloured rough lesions)
• Senile lentigenes (flat coloured sun/age spots)
• Chloasma (also known as melasma, hormone induced pigmentation)
• Milia/milk spots (hard, tiny white lumps containing keratin)
• Plane warts (raised rough lesions) • Actinic keratosis (slightly raised rough patch of sun damaged skin)
• Fibroepithelial papillomata (skin tags of various colours)
• Cherry anginoma (red freckles)
• Spider nevi (small clusters of broken capillaries)
• Verrucas
• Sebaceous Hyperplasia (flesh or white coloured enlarged sebaceous gland often mistaken for milia)
• Fordyce spots (small hard white bumps)
Who is not suitable for Treatment?
If you suffer from any medical condition, we always need to double-check that the treatment is right for you. If you have a contagious skin infection, we would need to wait for it to go before starting a treatment as we cannot treat directly over open wounds. Some severe skin conditions may prevent us from carrying out the treatment on specific areas. If you are under medical supervision for an immune disorder, we would need to check which treatments are suitable for you. If you are undergoing active cancer treatment we would be limited in our treatment options depending on type of cancer as well as the treatment type. If you are pregnant or undergoing IVF, we cannot carry out laser treatment.
What can I expect during Treatment and does the Treatment hurt?
The individual lesion is zapped several times during the treatment, the sensation is like a sharp flick of a hot elastic band. Once the lesion is removed the area will feel slightly sore for a short time. Sometimes the lesion immediately comes off other times it can take several days before it drops off.
How long does the Treatment take?
The treatment will take between five and 30 minutes depending on the type of lesion and/or how many lesions we are treating.
Is there any downtime / recovery time?
You can be left with a small mark on the skin, which is normally white in appearance. Immediately after the treatment there may be a small amount of bleeding. This then turns in to a small scab which can take several days to fall away.
What kind of results can I expect?
In most cases we expect full removal of the lesion however each case is slightly different so the area may not be completely flat and it is normal to have a slight mark where the lesion was.
Can I have this Treatment before my Wedding / Big Event?
We would not recommend that you have treatment immediately before a big event, such as a wedding. Although most clients completely heal within two weeks, we recommend having treatment three months before to be safe.


MiliaSingle treatment 10minsSkin tagSingle treatment 10mins
Actinic keratosisFirst lesionSecond & third lesionForth & fifth lesion