Staphylococci Folliculitis

Staphylococci folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles. It is fairly common and is caused by the bacteria, staphylococci. It manifests as small puss filled spots on the hair follicles. It can look a little bit like a rash.
Staphylococci folliculitis is caused by a bacterial infection. It tends to be present in areas where the skin around the follicle has been damaged by shaving or been rubbed by tight clothing. Excessive sweating can exacerbate the condition.
You can get staphylococci folliculitis anywhere there is a hair follicle but it tends to occur more in areas where there has been damage to the skin caused by shaving. It can appear on the face (particularly the beard area for men), scalp, underarms, groin, arms and legs as well as the buttocks.
Anyone can get staphylococci folliculitis.