Tattoo Removal

Now available at the D.Thomas Clinic, the latest laser tattoo removal option FracTat. This new innovation combines dual laser technologies to provide our most successful and efficient tattoo removal to date. Fractional laser ablation, combined with proven traditional Q;Switched laser tattoo removal technology, reduces the number of treatments required whilst significantly increasing the best overall outcome.


What can you expect from this treatment?

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal, the area is pre-treated with an erbium laser peel, the result – hundreds of tiny but deep micro-channels (small holes) are created, covering the tattooed area to a depth close to where the ink sits. Immediately after this, we proceed with the traditional and proven Q;switched laser.

The Q;switched laser treats the tattoo with very short and strong photoacoustic waves that penetrate deep into the skin. The laser’s energy is absorbed by the ink pigments mechanically breaking up the ink molecules into smaller particles. These smaller particles are then naturally absorbed and then excreted by the body’s own immune system.

Traditionally, due to the strong reaction of the ink under the skin, a white frosting (due to water vapour being trapped deep in the dermis) would immediately appear where the laser hits the ink, this frosting blocks any further penetration of the laser to the ink so we would be confined to one pass over the tattoo per visit.

Our new technique of creating micro-channels has a number of benefits. Firstly, it dramatically reduces the frosting effect so we are able to do more thorough and effective treatments due to multiple passes per treatment. Secondly, the new technique also expels a small amount of ink along with the water vapour via the micro-channels so that we are able to get rid of more ink per treatment. This process also reduces the recovery time after each session, as without the build up of hot vapour pressure, side effects like blistering are reduced so that there is less likelihood of scarring or textural change, as well as a higher success rate with deeper inks.

The number of treatments required depends on the colour and density of the tattoo as well as its location, even with this new multi-pass approach we are only able to break down a percentage of the ink each time. Amateur tattoos are often the easiest to remove as they contain less ink and are rarely as deep as professional ones which generally require several more treatment sessions. Tattoos located furthest away from the trunk of the body like those on feet or wrists are also slower to respond due to reduced circulation. The tattoo fades slowly between treatments as the body removes the smallest of the tattoo particles revealing the remaining larger particles ready for the next treatment.

This treatment is uncomfortable, we do use a cooling machine during the session, however many of our clients opt to use a topical anaesthetic numbing cream, which can be purchased from most chemists. The cream needs to be applied 45-60 mins prior to the treatment. The full details on this will be given at your consultation.

Tattoo Removal treatments will leave the area with some noticeable redness, swelling and some tenderness for around 72 hours, there will be several more days of mild grazing, peeling with potential scabbing, which can feel itchy. It is important to fully understand that laser treatments are active and stimulating, so temporary reactions and recovery time are to be expected. To get the most out of your treatment and manage the recovery time effectively, you will be given pre and post-care advice. This is fully explained to you during our required consultation where a patch test is carried out, it is required at least 48 hours before your first laser treatment. The clinic is available to answer all questions during the entire process.

We recommend treatments at a frequency of 6-8 weeks apart, please expect a minimum of 6 treatments over 12-18 months for best results.


15 MinutesSingle treatmentPackage of 4Package of 6Package of 8
Tattoo Sizex1x4x6x8
25-30cmfrom £350from £1260from £1785from £2240
over 30cmfrom £450from £1620from £2295from £2880