Why everyone’s cleaning up their skin with plants….

With superfoods and plant based being the buzz words when it comes to healthy eating, there’s no better way to work towards a great complexion. We really are what we eat. With pressure on the food industry for clearer labelling about what’s in the products we buy, we’re thinking more and more about how a good diet is beneficial to our mental and physical wellbeing. A healthy diet can help prevent signs of ageing, and cleansing our digestive systems with a plant based diet (even if it’s just a few days a week) can make a huge difference. Particularly important around this time of year, when the high street throws temptation our way as Christmas looms – oh, for just one more mince pie and it’s not’s even December!

While some of us might panic at the thought of a meat free and dairy free meal, there are real benefits to giving your body a break. Plant based meals can promote clear, healthy skin as well as being kind on the calories. Meat and Dairy are hard for the body to process putting a lot of strain on the digestive system and causing inflammation which speeds up ageing and effects hormones, reducing these allows your body to work better, feel better and look better. However, if you’re not used to a vegan diet this may sound like a drastic lifestyle change, but once you get the hang of it your skin will thank you. At the D.Thomas clinic, skin is the speciality and we have a holistic approach to all of our treatments and this includes thinking about how food is affecting our clients’ natural glow or aggravating a skin flare up. We offer state of the art skin treatments with realistic, goals to help with healthy age management, problem skin solutions and aim for a clear brighter complexion. For example, one of the ways to improve the appearance of skin as we age can be to limit the toxins in the body by opting for a mainly balanced plant based diet. It is now well documented that a plant based diet is full of essential antioxidants and nutrients, it is nature’s digestive doctor. This means a lot less inflammation in the body which helps slow down the ageing process but can also halt the progression of chronic illness.
Here are five super nutriant packed foods to keep your skin in tip top condition.

  • Quinoa is ‘complete protein’, essential if you are vegan. High in iron and calcium and, this is the really good bit, it’s filling and inexpensive. What’s not to like?
  • Pomegranates are perfect at this time of year and somewhat more exciting that the common or garden apple or satsuma. Why not try pomegranate and beetroot salad, simply tossed into a bowl of lemon drizzled rocket and sesame seeds – a rainbow of delicious superfoods that take no time at all to prepare!
  • Swiss chard is one of the most versatile leafy greens out there and with its fuchsia stems, looks fab on the plate and packed with antioxidants.
  • Nuts, well walnuts to be precise. Rumour has it that these little nuggets of nutty goodness provide us with phenolic acids, tannins and flavonoids. Some say that just a few walnuts a day can improve your cardiovascular activity. So get cracking.
  • Dark chocolate is…. well, if not technically a superfood, certainly a super sweet option. With the plethora of vegan chocolate available in most health food outlets, you can give yourself a treat – almost guilt free. Add in some super food algae and you have EstheChoc a powerful and tasty daily antioxidant treatIf you’re not up for becoming a full time vegan, why not have a diet sabbatical day just once or twice a week. A plant based nutrition boost can work wonders for your skin, plus it’s economical and great for weight loss.
    So dust down the blender, round up those goji berries and chia seeds and give yourself a superfood makeover….now, where did I put that Nutribullet?
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