Why there are five golden rules when it comes to adult acne…..

Most people associate acne with adolescence. It’s just one of those afflictions that as a teenager we expect to endure along with parental humiliation, rollercoaster hormones and unforgiving, evening curfews. But adult acne is less talked about, despite it being really quite common. And it isn’t just about being a ‘late developer’. Adult acne can affect those in their 30, 40s and even 50s.

You might be surprised to find out that some of the most beautiful women have skin problems, although you wouldn’t necessarily know it. Renee Zellweger has less than flawless skin, but it doesn’t stop her from being one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. But why is it that adult acne is on the increase? Interestingly, it seems to affect more women than men and this might be down to our lifestyles. Stress can be a bit factor in how we look and feel, and our skin is no exception. When we experience a stressful situation our hormone levels change. This might mean an increase in testosterone, which can contribute to the development of acne. There are also other factors like taking oral contra­­ceptives and a poor diet that can add to the likelihood of an onset of spots. While we whizz about our lives, juggling children, careers and perhaps the odd night out, it can all take its toll on our skin.

The trouble is, while we can hide the less toned areas of our body under an abundance of layers, there’s no getting away from showing your face. It can really knock your confidence if acne is a problem and the impact this can have on self-esteem is huge. This doesn’t just affect women either, plenty of men are sensitive about their skin too. Rob Brydon may be one of the funniest men on the planet, but he has always been open about his problem skin and how this affected him as a youngster. But you don’t need to be a well-known actor to get star treatment and the good news is, there’s a lot you can do to improve your skin’s appearance.

Debbie Thomas, the face and brains behind the wonderfully innovative clinic, believes that there are five golden rules to managing adult acne and promoting healthy looking skin.

  • Eat green, eat mean – A mainly plant based diet helps to reduce inflammation in the body so consume plenty of leafy veg, after all you never see a rabbit with acne. Avoid or seriously cut down on dairy and sugar both can disrupt your hormones triggering an acne flare up.
  • Drink – this doesn’t mean fancy cocktails as a ‘you deserve it’ treat. Water is nature’s best tonic. Add some fresh squeezed lemon in to your water at least once a day to help alkalise your body, a must for reducing inflammation.
  • No touching – try not to touch your face too much. We have zillions of bacteria all over our hands and this is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to interfering with your skin, and not to mention the unsightly after effects of scabs then scars post over picking. Instead get a on the spot cream to dab on the blemish to help speed up their demise. We love Medik8’s beta gel and PCA’s acne gel with bacteria killing and pore unblocking salicylic acid.
  • Breathe easy and clean up – Your skin needs to breathe so always go to bed fresh faced without make-up. Avoid oils and greasy or perfumed lotions and potions your skin will thank you. Use a cleanser that multi tasks ones containing acids or enzymes are best. We love Neostratas foaming glycolic wash or Medik8’s pore cleanse gel both help to unblock pores by removing excess dead skin build up. Make up is always a tricky one we know it’s not good to slather it on potentially further blocking pores but going bare faced during a break out is enough to make you a recluse. So what to do, we recommend going for one of the more medical ‘treatment’ foundations, we love oxygenetix which not only lets the skin breath (yes really), it also helps heal the skin and if you opt for the Acne formulation it helps fight acne too.
  • Relax – easier said than done. But a bit of yoga or meditation can really help the everyday stresses gently decrease. Even just 10 minutes a day can be beneficial to creating a harmonious balance between mind and body. Stress effects your hormones which in turn effects your acne so learning to be more balanced can help calm your skin.

So whether you are a Hollywood actor, funny bloke from the valleys or simply someone who wants to look after their skin, stick to the five golden rules and aim for a clearer, glowing complexion.

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